Earthquake in Haiti

As I’m sure many of you all heard, there was a magnitude 7.0 earthquake in Haiti.  Tune into your favorite news (real news not gossip) sources for coverage and details. 

I just want to point out for those that want to help to investigate the charity or relief organizations carefully and thoroughly. Not only are there a lot of scams out there, it is important to know where your money is going.  Many people were surprised after Hurricane Katrina when they gave money expecting it to go directly to the victims only to find out the funds were spent in other ways.

The first thought is usually Red Cross but there are many more.  Red Cross does not give money directly to victims.  They use funds to help people get back on their feet.  They are an aid organization which is a good thing considering the response given by FEMA.  Many other organizations work this way but it is important to know what your money is going to.

Please donate food, blood, money or your time to them to help people of tragedies.

There are many other organizations that give aid.  MSNBC has a list of them here.  Visit their sites and choose the one that best fits your ideals on aid.

My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Haiti and their friends and family.

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