The Audacity of Vulgarity

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine was listening to a religious talk show on an AM station where the topic was about vulgarity.  After the show, my friend called me and asked, "Why is our culture so vulgar? Why is our music so full of references to sex, b’s and h’s?"  Of course many have asked this for years. I too have pondered this question.

I wondered if this is really all we know.  Looking at Hip Hop from the outside in, there are lots of examples of vulgarity.  We don’t often see or notice it because we have become accustom to it. We use profane language in our homes then tell our children not to used "adult words."  We wear clothes that reveal parts of our bodies many people tend to cover up.  And let’s not even mention the things we watch and listen to

We’ve become numb to many of the things that society at a large considers vulgar.  Sometimes it is pointed out to us in the wrong way by people who don’t understand it.

These are the people who preach that we must learn from our mistakes of the past and point out key moments in history to back up their points but then in the next breath inform you that you should get over slavery and pretend it never happened.  But that’s a different discussion.

Is it time to let go of the notion that we can brute force acceptance of our behavior  or culture on others?  Maybe, maybe not. That’s for society to decide.  Me, I guess I’m just going along for the ride.

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