Year In Review

It’s been a long food restricting year. Many lessons have been learned and many respects have been gained. Most recently, I’ve learned that eating out at many places as a vegetarian is very difficult. Evan more so if you are a vegan.

Many times throughout the year, I’ve experienced more peer-pressures than I can remember as a teen; the pressure to drink, the pressure to eat meat and the pressure of just doing something different than others. Many people go through them sometimes everyday but I’m figuring that I’ve it gotten so bad because I actually made a change in my life that people didn’t expect. Things such as going to lunch or dinner suddenly becomes a chore due to dietary restrictions.

Aside from the complaining (there was a lot of it from many people, myself included), I learned to have a better appreciation for food.  Many time, I’ll put it into my mouth without really thinking what’s in it or how it’s made.

I’ll be making a few changes in my diet next year because of what I’ve learned.  I’ve had the chance to taste some things I wouldn’t normally had I not been forced to such as spinach enchiladas and falafel stew.

Next years plans have already been disclosed and I’m very excited to get started.  Typically I train just to run but this will be a full body experience unlike anything I’ve ever done before.

One last note, now that I am no longer a vegetarian, my very first meal was chicken kabobs at 12:01 am!

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