Rodney King – Catalysts to a Resolution Gone Wrong

Rodney King

Rodney King was found dead this morning at the bottom of a pool.

In case you didn’t know, at one point Rodney did release a song but that wasn’t his biggest impact on Hip Hop. His impact was the inspiration of change in the way police interactions between themselves and civilians. His impact influenced the soundtrack to an entire coast. His impact caused a a whole community to people to stand up against the wrongs committed against them and make the whole world take notice.

The LA Riots were started because of the dismissal of charges against the LA Police Department after a video surfaced of them clearly using excessive force against him. I won’t go into the whole history of the event but the following video which aired a few weeks ago covers it in great detail.

There aren’t too many points in history where the name of the victim is remembered synonymously with the even but the world will never forget the name Rodney King.

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