About Don’t Die Hip-Hop

Hip Hop – MC’ing, DJ’ing, Graffiti, and Breaking; A genre of music, fashion or
art; A life style or culture. No matter how you define it, it all boils down to one thing, the people. Hip Hop spans all ages, races and cultures. Hip Hop has transcended
languages the world over and set trends in countless industries but all it has accomplished is now in jeopardy.

Let’s face it, Hip Hop is evolving, as all cultures must do and with it, the people must evolve with it. People are the driving force behind a cultural movement but people
need also need guidance. Not Moses lead the slaves across the Red Sea guidance or President of the United States guidance but a let’s take a look at our selves in the
mirror and see what we can improve guidance.

Currently we have a case of the blind leading the blind. What’s worse is that there are those who choose to wear blindfolds just to blend in with the rest of the blind.
Rather than be a true standout or individual, they pride themselves on acceptance by those around them. The trouble is, when you purposely blind yourself, not only
have you prevented yourself from aiding those around you, you yourself are now in need of guidance.

I for one have never put on a blindfold nor am I one of the blind! Too often have I walked among the fallen blind as they stumble to back to their feet and been mistaken for
one of them. Someone has to remove their blindfolds, someone has to let them know it is safe to stand up and walk freely. But guides are only useful when you have a clear
destination but a coach offers instructions, advice and strategy.

The only way we can stand tall is together as a team. Am I the one to be head coach of our team? Only time will tell but for now I’m playing the role of first base coach;
as people come by this site, I access the situation and guide them to their next direction. Sometimes it’s better to run ahead and sometimes it’s better to stop where you
are and be thankful you made it this far and to wait for the next opportunity.

Join me as we disect Hip Hop and examine it’s good and bad. We will peel back its covering and explore all the Hip Hop holds below the surface as well as above. Let’s
see if we can bring to light areas to improve, promote areas that don’t and debate the areas that may need it.

This is not about music, this is about life. This is about how Hip Hop influences live and vise-versa. No topic is off the table.