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I Quit!

I Quit! Well not me, I just started after all.  But it seems this is the thing to do these days in the music industry.  I just heard that Bow Wow has joined the ranks of 50 Cent, no wait he didn’t honor that agreement.  OK, OK Jay-Z then, oh wait he came out like Jordan wearing the 4-5. There’s Saigon, I’m sure he quit?no he’s still rapping too.  Ice Cube, Will Smith, Ice-T, LL Cool J, Eve?  True no one in this last list actually said they were quitting but they did stop making music for a long period of time.

Dammit!  There has to be some rapper out there that actually quit rapping. There are, too many to name in fact.  Long ago they used to just stop, disappear into the studio to serve another function like producing, host radio, host on TV, go into the careers they’ve always wanted to or just disappear completely.  I do applaud this new movement though.  Quitting your job actually takes responsibility.  It is a good example for young people these days.

Everyone knows (or will if you’re too young to work) someone who claims to have quit their job by not showing up to work.  News Flash! That’s called getting fired for not showing up.  Quitting your job involves telling someone that you are no longer going to perform your duties. Preferably someone above you that has the authority to take the appropriate action to fill the void you are leaving and alert the others that should know of your decision.

It’s interesting how more and more rappers are announcing their exodus from the game while in reality, it is only to shed light on their new projects.  Projects that they have been neglecting because of that annoying thing called a career they have.  No one is really retiring here.  Typically when people retire, they stop working completely. The average person doesn’t retire from construction only to change careers and start working in a bank. We need to call it what it is, a career change. 

Let retirement be the prestigious thing that we look forward to when we get older rather than the cool thing to do for publicity. I want to keep the dreams of a gold watch, a ceremony to honor my achievements, my jersey being raised into the rafters and my number being retired.  Stop cheapening my future thoughts as you are my music today.

I wish artists would spend as much time announcing their careers as much as they do their exit.  If they did, Hip Hop wouldn’t be in such bad shape.  I think there should be a Hip Hop draft and only the top say 40 new artist get signed a year and the bad performers from years past get dropped.  Then and only then can you return wearing the 4-5 after you’ve been resigned!