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Welcome to Don't Die Hip Hop!

For the record, this is a stock photo and not me. If you haven’t already, take a look around and come back. If you have already, let me let you know why you are here. Simply put, you are here to save Hip Hop.

Why? In relation to other forms of music, Hip Hop is still young and still trying to find its place in the world. It is na├»ve, immature, easily influenced and highly influential. It is a product of and a producer of today’s youth. Its heavy reliance on youth is its greatest strength but also its greatest weakness. It is often reinvented almost over night and still able to stand the test of time. But like a branch bent too many times, it is on the verge of breaking. Hip Hop is becoming weak and yet it is resistant to failure like a piece of rubber; flexible enough to shape it to fit many situations yet strong enough to absorb any abuse it receive.

The how still remains a mystery. If I had that answer, I would either be a rich or crazy man! But I do have a theory; Open discussion. Only through discussion with others can you find true answers to questions.

Too often in Hip Hop, discussion is either left out or left up to those with a big voice. These people are the media & radio personalities, artists and celebrities that are able to reach a broad audience and influence opinions. The people with the power, the consumers, are often left to discussions among themselves. You may know this by its common name, The Streets.

(For those who don’t know, The Streets are those that live out in, well, the streets. It is the fan base of Hip Hop with an ear to the ground to listen to and discuss what they see and hear.)

The Streets is watching? The Streets "is" talking? The Streets "is" buzzing? The Streets do a lot of things but one thing The Streets never do is get organized. Like single voice in a crowded room, its message is lost in a sea of confusion. Those loud enough to be heard don’t always have the best things to say and only those voices which you recognize are the ones you focus on.

So why are you here and why should you stay? To promote conversation; to find like minded people; to bring back the greatest cultural movement of our time; to give strength the music and the people who listen.

Now this isn’t just about Hip Hop music, it’s about life from a Hip Hop point of view. Here we will cover many different topics such as music, education, politics, etc. There is no limit to what we will cover or how we will cover it. Come back soon for some exciting topics and discussions and remember, keep Hip Hop alive!