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Déjà Vu

This month seems like déjà vu.  It is similar to March but not exactly the same.  Before it was no liquids except water and now it’s no alcohol.  Why punish myself two times with similar items?  Easy, they’re two different schools of though.

Water allows you to flush out what the other liquids put in as it hydrates.  Water intake increases and you feel more hydrated.  The flip side to this was that the amount of flavors experienced during a mean was dramatically limited.  Wine pairings were definitely out and so was my usual morning juice.

No alcohol limits a certain type of beverage but does allow other flavors through fluids.  During No Water, I learned that drinks enhance the flavors of meals dramatically!  Even sodas and juices make a difference.  Next time you have dinner, try a different drink other than your usual.  You’d be amazed at how different it is.

On a side note, first salty snack was Lay’s Plain Potato Chips.  I would’ve went for something more flavorful but they were more convenient at the time.  They did provide the right amount of salt to satisfy  31 days worth of craving.