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Unofficial Aid

Yesterday I took a long awaited trip to the orthodontists to pick up my first set of Invisalign.  You know, the invisible braces.

First impressions?  While they are invisible per say, they are noticeable up close.  Case in point, I dropped a pair and lost them on the floor for about half an hour.

They’ll take a bit getting used to but I have a 13 month sentence to do so.

So what’s this have to do with Iron Will Year?  Well, seeing as how I now have to take out my grillz before I can eat or drink anything, it’ll make it much easier to pay attention to what I’m eating.  If I had gotten them in the beginning of the month maybe i wouldn’t have slipped up a few times!



Weight Loss Myths Exposed

A few months back, Runners World ran an article entitled Incredible Weight Loss Myths Exposed.  It’s a good read for everyone including non-runners.  Most notibly on the list, Eating at night causes weight gain.

The point of the Iron Will Year is not to debunk diet myths but rather to call attention to eating habits.  The article mentions that at night, we tend to eat fatty foods because they are the quickest to prepare; chips, ice cream and other desserts.  Using the plan, I’ve quickly realized this is a fact.  Late night snacking is something I will hopefully have a hold of after this month is complete.

On a side note, it appears that the soda tax in Philly isn’t going to happen.  The proposal is “on life support” according to Councilman Jim Kenney.  Not surprising, I don’t think anyone reasonably thought it was a good idea.

Damn little tasty treats!

I just mentioned breaking this old habit and here I am falling for it!  Once again I’ve been done in by a "slip of the tongue."

Right before bed last night I had a funny taste in my mouth.  Looking for some relief, I mindlessly reached into the cabinet and grabbed a piece of chocolate and popped it in my mouth.  I was half-way to my bedroom before I realized the mistake I had made. 🙁 Damn I was pissed.

8 is not Enough

It may have been for Dick Van Patten and the gang but not for me. In case you’re wondering what I mean, let me show you;

"Eat after 8 and gain the weight."

"Don’t eat after 8 and you’ll lose the weight."

It rhymes so it must be logical right?  I mean come on, Shakespeare and Shakur both do it. Even though there is no evidence that it harms or hurts, people often believe this rhyme as rule.  But if that were the case, all of our mothers would have broken backs.

Not eating after 8 will prove to be tough some days. Sometimes I don’t make it out of the gym until 7:30 PM!  So in interest of following the letter of the law, no food can be consumed after 8 PM until morning and such food should be considered breakfast.

I’ll admit to some late night snacking so hopefully by the end of the month I’ll have that habit under control.

On the no red meat note, first red meat was beef jerky because it was convenient.  Tomorrow is the Broad Street Run here in Philly, a 10 mile race to benefit cancer. You can believe there will be some red meat consumed afterwards.