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Today in food news

Food seems to be in the news these days more than I remember, food born illnesses aside.  It seems that all the things I have have are popular these days.

Apparently, a woman had her job threatened for eating Doritos at her desk.  Her employer has a policy against eating at ones desk for fear that it would damage the computers.  I haven’t heard that fear since the early 90’s. I think that’s a bit extreme but at the moment, I think I would risk my job for the taste of a Doritos.

Saturday September 18th was National Cheeseburger Day and you’re not the only person that didn’t know.  I celebrated by dropping mine in the grill.  Better luck next yeah I guess.

And finally Chef Tim Love give 5 Reasons Why Not to be a Vegetarian. Of course I agree 100%.

The oil within

Fried foods can sneak up on you.  Some things are obviously fired because they come straight from the grease to your…um…(sometimes)plate.  But other foods aren’t so obvious. 

Snack foods are often fried and then packaged.  We should all know that potato chips are fried but did you know that Twinkies, tortilla chips, burgers and bacon are too? Yes, some things cooked in a frying-pan or on a flat-top griddle are fried.

I don’t eat Twinkies them but many people do.  It’s important to know how foods are prepared even if your not trying to eat them because of it!  That’s what this is all about.  Paying attention to what goes in your mouth even before it hits your plate.

The wing dilemma

If you know me or have had the chance to dine with me you know I love wings!  They’re my guilty pleasure.  So much so that they are my celebratory meal when completing some huge goal such as the Broad Street Run.

These were the hardest thing to give up and of course when the month was over what do you think my first meal was? You guessed it!  And where else then Wings-to-Go.  They don’t make the best wings but they sure do hit the spot after a month away from them.

Their choice of sauces are enough to keep you trying something different for a long time without getting tired of eating the same thing. 

This isn’t a review so I won’t glorify them too long.  I would just like to thank the many birds that gave their lives so that many people can enjoy their tasty appendages, fried or otherwise.