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Chocolate Covered Pretzels Problem

So what do you when you have a Chocolate Covered Pretzel problem?? And better yet, what the hell am I talking about?  Well, if you have been following for the last couple months you’d know that this month there are No Salty Snacks and last month there were no Sweets.  So what does that make a Chocolate Covered Pretzel?

Conventional knowledge (and a Google search) tells us that pretzel is a salty food but what makes it so?  Is it because it is covered with salt?  Is it no longer a salty food if it is an unsalted pretzel?  And then what is the result when you cover a salted pretzel with chocolate, a sweet?

The CDC says we are eating too much salt and I’m not surprised.  Salt is in everything for two reasons, it’s a preservative and it tastes good.  If you’ve ever eaten at a restaurant chances are that you’ve noticed something was lacking salt. And chances are that you added salt to make it taste better.

Salt comes in all different types of flavors, garlic, sea, seasoned even bacon!  But no matter how you flavor it, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s salt.

To play it safe, i won’t be eating them but it just goes to show how much we know about the things we eat.  Subtleties such as this are often ignored when putting food into the mouth. 

Sugar Sugar

Today it’s a calibration!  Sugar is back on!


It was a tough month but once I figured out that I could replace those sugar cravings with something else like fruits and yogurt it got a lot easier.

First sugar item; Pretzel M&M’s.  I’ve been hearing about them all month so I bought a bag to keep in my desk draw to try them out.  I don’t know if it’s because I haven’t had sweets in a month or whether they are this good but they must either be from Baltimore or named DJ Class because these things are the Ish!


Cheating in a non-cheating way

You’ve seen the Yoplait commercials (see below) and thought just like me, this chick is crazy!  And look at the typical clueless guy in the back there looking for the food she mentions.  But you know what, these things actually do satisfy a craving for sweets and are good for you.  (Don’t worry chocolate, I still love you!)

I’m not sure if consuming more yogurt is a good thing (of course the folks at Dannon don’t believe so) since it is basically a bacteria but the commercials say it is and we know we should trust the commercials.

This isn’t a promotion for their product but if you’re craving a snack, reach for a yogurt instead of candy.  You body may thank you for it.

I want candy!



Actually, I want a Cinnabon, a slice of Tiramisu Cheese Cake, a Snickers Blizzard and some Funnel Cake.  I like sweets! Sugar is my friend and has been for a long time.  That’s why this month I need to get a handle on how much of it I eat.  Many years back, I stopped drinking soda which was a good choice to make.  It probably saved myself me many pounds due to the sugar in the drinks. 

Many people don’t realize that sugar turns to fat and the amount of sugar we eat and drinks adds up pretty quickly. Add to that the bad habit of late night snacking and you have a nice recipe for trouble (pun intended).

So to define what this month is about, it’s all about the treats with added sugars.  If it comes in a wrapper and is sweet, it’s pretty much off limits!  That goes for desserts as well.  Items still on the table so to speak are breakfast cereals, yogurt and energy bars.