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Weight Loss Myths Exposed

A few months back, Runners World ran an article entitled Incredible Weight Loss Myths Exposed.  It’s a good read for everyone including non-runners.  Most notibly on the list, Eating at night causes weight gain.

The point of the Iron Will Year is not to debunk diet myths but rather to call attention to eating habits.  The article mentions that at night, we tend to eat fatty foods because they are the quickest to prepare; chips, ice cream and other desserts.  Using the plan, I’ve quickly realized this is a fact.  Late night snacking is something I will hopefully have a hold of after this month is complete.

On a side note, it appears that the soda tax in Philly isn’t going to happen.  The proposal is “on life support” according to Councilman Jim Kenney.  Not surprising, I don’t think anyone reasonably thought it was a good idea.

Water water everywhere

Please leave only your footprints Well, this post isn’t really about drinking water directly but if you go to the shore and get in it, you just may swallow some!  A story about the cleanliness of New Jersey beaches surfaced a few weeks back and it’s not pretty.

According to the article, among the things found on the beach were; “toilet seats, a pregnancy test (result unclear), bags of pet waste, an 8-track tape, half a Barbie doll, a tube of denture cement, a jockstrap and fake breasts.” Can’t say it making me want to go to a New Jersey beach this summer but the folks at  Clean Ocean Action want to make sure my thoughts don’t happen.

This season make sure it’s only sand that you are stepping on and of course like the picture says, use the trashcan!

Water news I missed

Not sure how I missed so much water related news in the last two weeks but here is a recap:

March 22 was World Water Day.  I’m not exactly sure what it is since their website cryptically describes it as a United Nations initiative and doesn’t give details but you’re welcome to take a look and see if you can figure it out and explain it to me.

A study by Healthy Affairs just concluded that taxes on soda do nothing to reduce the consumption of sugary drinks.  That’s no surprise to the people who had to suffer through the numerous tax increases on cigarettes.

Reflection on No Water

Looking back on the month of Only Water as a beverage it was a success.  I didn’t break though I was tempted many times and wanted to drink something with a flavor so many times. My restaurant tabs were definitely smaller and easy to figure out when dinning out with a group.

I must say that I didn’t lose much weight by cutting out the sugars and other ingredients included in beverages.  I’m sure my digestive system is working a bit more efficient without having to process them also.

Many times I found myself eating something just to get the flavor in my mouth I used to get with drinking something sweet.  Maybe that made up for the difference in calories.

Since I often drink water while at work, daytime wasn’t so bad.  Night however was an issue because I found that drinks often compliment the flavors of a meal nicely.

At any rate, I did it!!! 

Oh and the picture is the first flavored drink I had aptly names Blue Goodness from Bolthouse Farms.  If you haven’t tried their drinks, I suggest you do.  They are well worth the price in flavor and nutrition.

Not just for drinking

Sahara Sam'sMostly this month I’ve been focusing on the drinking aspect of water but it has more uses than that. This past weekend, the sun was shining and it was the first day of spring.

With that in mind, I took my two young nieces to an indoor water park in New Jersey. Who knew Jersey was good for something other than cheap gas, beaches and bad Italian stereotyped TV shows.

So we found ourselves at Sahara Sam’s in Berlin. Not a bad place to spend the day indoors with water. Plenty of activities for kids but of course you have to keep an eye on them. This isn’t like Chuck E Cheese where they can just run around unsupervised. They can seriously hurt themselves or worse and there isn’t a watcher at the door to verify you leave with the people you came with. There are plenty of lifeguards on duty and staff walking around should a problem arise.

There is also Coco Key in Mount Laurel, NJ if you want to make it an overnight trip. An overnight stay will get you a two day access to their park. The attractions are almost identical so the choice between the two can be decided based on price and proximity rather than the contents.

All week it will be rainy and what better time to start that Spring Cleaning than now when the weather outside is wet. No need to waste a beautiful day outside cleaning inside. Use water to clean, fees the plants and cool down after all the hard work.

You need your vitamins

You may not know it or not buy you drink most of your vitamins and nutrients.  Yes, even that soda you are drinking has them in it.  So how do I keep up on my vitamins while only drinking water?  Well, first I take a supplement from GNC’s Mega Men Vitapak Program to help nourish my body for running.

Second, I employ a very over looked resource that many people trust.  What is it you may ask?   Flintstone Vitamins. They’re safe for kids so you know they’re not going to be full of impurities.  They’re chewable and they have a good flavor. 

The combination of the two more than make up for the lack of vitamins from fluids.  Of course there are probably better things to take, but what’s the fun it that?

Tempation everywhere

I just finished trip to the Philadelphia Flower Show. It was the first time I have ever been so I wwas hoping for a treat.

Just before you enter the show floor, you are greeted with a wine tasting. Had I not the will of iron i would have fallen for such trickery fallen victim to the sweet juices of the grape.

I prettended not to see it and marched on to the flowers. I’ll keep it in mind for next year and plan a little better should I choose to do food again next year.

Lesson learned: know you plans before you make big commitments. In this case it wasn’t a major thing but you never know.

Survived my first Happy Hour

I knew it was coming sooner or later; the Happy Hour invitation.  It’s inevitable working in an office environment.  I just didn’t think I would get an invitation within the first week.

The choice to go was difficult because it would be full of temptations and pressure to miss my goal.  Of course it could also serve as the test I need to see if I can survive the rest of the month.

As you can probably guess by now, I went.  The first drink order was pretty awkward, who orders water at the beginning of the night? Afterwards come the flood of questions followed by the explanations of what I’m doing.  I anticipated this and had no problem explaining my case.

Is this for Lint? No I’m not Catholic.

Are you fasting? No

Are you trying to stop drinking? No, I’ll pick that back up next month.

You can take a night off can’t you? That would defeat the purpose of doing it in the first place.

What can I get you? I know you want a drink.  I do, but I am fine.

Eventually, once I worked the room and answered everyone’s questions it was easy.  Hopefully I inspired someone to think about the choices they make in their lives.

How about some filtration

Seeing that I’m only drinking water this month as a beverage I decided I should get myself a water filter.  In the past I’ve never seen the point of these things but I thought I ‘d give it a try.

It was pretty simple to install and ready to use in minutes.  Water came out without the filter on; Check! Water came out with the filter on; Check! Now I had to flush the filter for 5 minutes by simply running the water.

I was disappointed to see the water sadly dribble out of the filter due to the low pressure but I guess that’s the price you pay for using a filter.

Next came the moment of true, the taste.  That’s to the skills I learned from the wonderful folks at The Wine School in Philly, I employed my wine tasting methods to judge the results.

Color/Clarity/Smell: Remained the same with or without the filter.

Temperature: Oddly, the water was a slightly different temperature when coming out of the filter. I guess most people would use ice or refrigerate it first but not me.

Taste: Ah yes, the most important part.  It did taste different with the filter than without. I can’t say it was better but it was different. None of the usual flavor characteristics were present in either case (fluoride, chlorine, iron/copper) so I guess I had good water to begin with

Since this month is water only, I didn’t get the model that allows flavor packets to enhance the flavor of water.  Adding flavor would defeat the purpose and honestly if I want Kool Aid I would just buy it.

Soda Tax hard to swallow

FYI, Mayor Nutter is proposing a tax on soft drinks in within the city limits. The tax would be $.02 an ounce on top of the current price. An 8 oz can of soda would be $1.07, a two-liter bottle of soda would be $1.36, and the tax on a 12-pack of soda would be $2.88.  In many cases, the tax will be more than the retail cost of the products.

Of course this is meant to be a form of income for the city but there is also the other "benefit" being pushed as the real reason; to get people to become healthier by drinking less sugary drinks.  As if people will drink less soda because the cost increased. 

I have news for you mayor, the price of soda already increased without a tax and it didn’t stop people.  A can of soda used to be $.50 and now it’s $.80 – $1 in some places and people still drink it.  They thought the same thing about cigarettes yet people (teens included) still smoke. 

If this passes, not buying drinks in Philly will hurt local businesses as well as their suppliers.  No word yet on how this would affect fountain soda or bars but I’m sure if the price of liquor goes up because of soda some people will be upset.

I seem to remember tax on crazy things like playing cards, stamps and tea a few hundred years ago.  There’s a river near by that they just started dredging.  Don’t get any ideas from me but I’m just saying.

First day reflection

After not eating bread for a month I decided I wanted a burger.  I’ve been craving a good one all month and just eating it without the bun wasn’t cutting it.  Wendy’s had a new Bacon & Blue Hamburger promotion going on so I figured I’d give it a shot.  I was good and got a bottle of water seeing as how I didn’t want to fail my first day.

I sat down and took a couple bites. It wasn’t very tasty and my satisfaction was crushed.  I reached over for some liquid refreshment to quell the flavor and only saw the water. I sighed, took a swig and  realized that having a flavored drink to go along with it it would have probably helped the taste.

It’s going to be a long month!