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How strong is your will?

That’s the question I put to myself this year.  No, this isn’t a New Year’s resolution!  I don’t do those.  I wanted to see how strong willed I can be.  I’ll admit I’m pretty stubborn but I do have a breaking point and like us all I have weaknesses.

One of my weaknesses; food.  I love to eat good foods.  I’ll try just about anything once.  I like cooking at home and I like eating out.  Flavor is the ultimate pleasure.  Without it, we would only eat to live rather than for enjoyment.

This year I plan to take a look at how I eat.  I will explore different ideas on what people thing are good ways to eat and try them out, just for a month.  No, this is not a diet plan!  Any weight lost will be deemed a side effect but will be welcomed.

I’m already 3 months in and will need to get some catching up done on this blog to bring you up to date on what exactly all of this means.  Stay tuned as I detail what exactly the rules are and catch you up on the first two months.