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Numbers Don’t Lie…

But they should in some cases. September is here so now it is time to get back to the program. But first, a little entertainment…



Using the BMI calculation of BMI = M / (H x H), where M = body mass in kilograms and H = height in meters I end up with a score of 34.4. Which would be 112 / (1.73736 X 1.73736 ).

That isn’t good. Using the scale from the link, that puts me in the obese category. That’s funny because I don’t feel obese. I know I need to lose a lot little pounds but come on, obese? Makes me feel kind of sad.

OK, so let’s look at the ideal weight scale and see where I should be:

I’m 5′ 11" and currently 247 lbs so I should be between 145 lbs and 180 lbs.  I haven’t heard those numbers describe myself since High School. I think my comfortable range is 200-210 and that’s still in the red! Looks like I’ll have to do some more research in the coming days to make this a better number. I don’t think I can change the number too drastically without surgery but I will get this number down somehow. Watch the progress unfold.