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Pounding the Pavement

Broad Street Run

It’s that time of year! The time to sign up for a lottery in hopes of being able to do my favorite run.I don’t like that it now has a lottery system but now that running is the new fad it can’t be helped. The popularity of this run has grown so much over the years and why not, it is a fun course.

Now it’s time to start training even though the weather isn’t cooperating. For a few weeks I’ll be on the treadmill logging miles but then come mid to late February, I’ll be back outside.

I’ve had a few people ask for tips on how to train for a long run or even how many miles I log a week.  When I tell them they are often shocked at how much I run. Below is a link to the training schedule I used when coming back from my injury a few years ago. It’s formatted to be imported into Outlook and Google Calendar or viewing in Excel or any other spreadsheet program you may use. Sorry Apple users, no idea how to help you.

If you look at the miles you may notices it’s a bit short for where I am but I’m working on speed this year so I’m pulling back and increasing my effort. You should run at your own pace if you plan to follow my regimen. Also don’t be afraid to change up the mileage to fit your abilities but keep the ratios the same.

Don’t let the desk keep you stationary


Not everyone sits at a desk for work but I do. Sometimes I havre long meetings on the phone so rather than just sit there I whip out my balance board and work my legs.


It’s a pretty simple workout, either work it in a semi-circle, full circle, back and forth or just hold your balance for as long as you can.

Just make sure you have something to hold onto in case you can’t keep yourself up. Many coworkers have tried and not many can keep from falling over.


That had to be the worst spinning class I’ve ever had and it had nothing to do with my performance:

* How can I concentrate on my heavy breathing if the guy next to me is coughing the whole time? If you’re sick, don’t come to the gym!

* I’m a 31 year old black male from the city. Classic 80’s rock isn’t that motivating to me. It doesn’t have to be current but it should have more energy and less guitar.

* The equipment is well below par. LA Fitness, it’s time to put some money into new bikes and I don’t want to hear that rate hike talk.

* The instructor felt like she was more there with us than inspiring us. Make me feel like I want to do the exercise but not because you told me to!

OK, I feel better. Rant over.

Starting from the middle

Now that I’m back in the full swing of exercising it feels great.  My active heart rate is starting to drop, I feel my self getting stronger and soon enough, the pounds will start dropping. But it took a huge ego check to get back on the right path again.

Two months ago after getting medical clearance to exercise again I resumed my normal workout. I hadn’t taken into account that I had a three month lull so when I worked out, it wasn’t as fulfilling as I remember. Matter of fact, it was discouraging.  I wasn’t perfoming where I thoughtt I should be.

Before the injury, I was running a 8 minute mile on the treadmill for 3 miles. I was a great accomplishment on my part. When I returned I knew there would be some loss but I thought I could just keep the same pace and force my body to catch up to the old routine but my body wasn’t having that. I fell well short of my goals.

After a couple weeks I decided to step down my efforts. I immediately noticed an improvement. It was then I realized my error. Now, I’m taking things a little easier than before. I know I will get back to where I was eventually. I just have to work at it.