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The Take Over – Updated

I have to say, I really hate making statements like this but it seems to be proven over and over again.  While this post includes racial topics, it is not intended to be a racial or prejudice issue, just pointing out some observations.

There’s been this long standing social stigma that blacks can make something popular then once whites adopt it, it no longer becomes cool because of over use or abuse of use. Over use happens when you apply too much and abuse happens when you apply something beyond its intended use.  I’ll give you two examples, baggy pants and the words phat and hot.

Baggy pants, origins aside, exploded in fashion among blacks and then skaters came along and took baggy pants too far then surprisingly went the other way and opted for super tight pants. Thanks to Pharrell, blacks became skaters to and started wearing tight jeans too.

Of course people never gave up on this trend and still continue to do this today. I can’t speak for anyone else but I wore my baggy pants for comfort. To get away from the tight or fitted pants look of  my younger years.  I never had my pants too low unless I didn’t have a belt and it couldn’t be helped but I never did it to purposely show my underwear as people do today. As with most things that young people do, it lead to an outcry of the older generation and there were laws attempted to be made to prevent it but that’s hopefully all behind us now (pun intended).

But you didn’t come here to read about pants, no this is about music.  You may remember that Cee-Lo released a song over the summer called F**k You:

Of which 50 Cent quickly jumped on:

Which was all and good. Everyone liked both versions and and we had a summer jam.  Now fast forward a few months to the  George Lopez Show and we find William Shatner’s attempt at the song:

Well thanks Shatner, the song had a good run while it lasted.

UPDATE  – Damn, my post wasn’t even a few hours old and yet again I discovered Gwyneth Paltrow on Glee (never seen the show and don’t plan to by the way). It would be nice if the original artist can enjoy some time to enjoy the success of this song.

Get at me dog

First off let’s get some things straight, I don’t condone nor to I condemn dog fighting.  I’ve never witnessed or been a part of it.  I believe there are far worse atrocities going on in the world that need attention than this.

Second, dog fighting is not a product of Hip Hop, black culture or even the United States.  It has a long standing in history along with fighting other types of animals.

Third, Michael Vick, didn’t increase dog fighting incidents.  He only brought to the surface what society chose to ignore.  Even since Vick was linked to this activity he has been blamed for every case that has come about. As if he was the originator of dog fighting.

I’m not going to defend him or his accusers.  What I want to know is when do you really pay your debt to society? When do you finally get to move on from your crime after serving time?

If you want to drag animal cruelty through the mud, take a look at horse racing.  It’s everywhere so much so that there are laws specific to it and



Battle of the S's ? Sharpton vs. Smiley

Depending how you look at it, first Tavis Smiley went on the Tom Joryner Morning Show and said:


to which Rev. Al Sharpton called into the show to respond:


and then the two spoke together:

And yet again it continues…

Things like this is the perfect introduction to a future article coming soon.  Stay tuned and ponder what they really are arguing about and how they are representing "us".

Good-bye Summer, Hello School

Labor Day marks the beginning and end of many things; it’s the unofficial end of summer, it’s the end of Reggae Season; here in the northeast the weather changes; and of course it means that school is starting (or in some cases has started) and not a moment too soon.  I’ve never been a big advocate of promoting school but after the things I witnessed this summer from our youth and some adults, I am now because we are in serious trouble!

Let’s start with the most reason incident which will sound like it came right out of a school book. Note: These are actual accounts. The names will be changed to protect the innocent even though they should be singled out and publically humiliated for their ignorance.

Xavier (a 16-17 year old in New Jersey) is selling a bag of oranges for $6.20.  Paul gives him $20.25 (that’s a $20 bill and a quarter). How much change should Paul expect back from Xavier?

Before I give you the glaring answer, let me explain exactly what happened. Xavier took the money and entered $6.25 in the register which told him to issue $0.05 back in changed. Confused by his error, Xavier closed the register drawer. Not able to open it himself, he called for his manager.  With the drawer problem now solved we are back to the math. Still perplexed, Xavier quickly wiped out his cell phone, opened the calculator then returned the proper change?I don’t think this one needs to be explained.

I saw a documentary called Superhuman: Genius which featured a child prodigy artist. Her artwork was absolutely amazing for someone of her age. During the program her parents mentioned that sometimes she would paint for 14 hours a day and produce a master piece. The alarming thing she mentioned was not that she was home-schooled but that she was only taught subjects that interested her.  This excluded math.


When I was in school, I also wished I could only study the subjects I wanted and that others were useless because they had nothing to do with my primary focus.  I now realize that those other subjects are what made me into a well rounded person.

A co-worker of mine whose is from another country and speaks English as a second language has a son, who only speaks English, in a local day care program. He came to me one day and started counting in Spanish. I found this strange because his parents are not from a Spanish speaking country.

I will quickly say that I have nothing against people who speak Spanish. My beef here is with the education system itself. Who decided that Spanish is the second (or third) language for this child? In this case, the child doesn’t speak the native language of his parents but knows some Spanish. My question is "Why not Italian, Danish or Portuguese?" I say these languages specifically because the US has never faced these countries other than in the Olympics or soccer (I’m no history buff so I may be wrong). Is this because Dora and Diego are so popular? Since when did commercialism determine what we taught our students?  It just went by another name, propaganda.

This leads to our last topic:

President Obama plans to address our nation’s students in an address at the beginning of the school year.

Of course this is not without controversy. Some parents don’t want their kids to hear him speak. Some say it’s a political campaign in disguise targeted at children (as if most will be able to vote in the next election). And others don’t want the black President to speak to their children, but they don’t want to admit that is the case. I’ll let the news organizations handle this one as you’ll hear plenty about this in the next couple days.