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LeBron on CNN

Don’t miss LeBron on CNN’s Larry King Live this Friday. He will be giving his first TV interview since being eliminated out of the playoffs.  Topics to be discussed are unknown at this point.

Let’s hope LeBron can save face and not lose more respect in my book.  Not for his ball skills or not winning a championship again.  But for taking a public swipe at Hip Hop to make a buck.  Yeah I remember Kid n Play and the dance is a lot better then what Soulja Boy came up with.  More of that later…

Philly vs. New York

In the World Series, the Yankees beat the Phillies.  In the NFL, The Eagles beat the Giants. And as of this writing, their respective NBA and NHL teams haven’t played yet but I’m sure it will be split somehow at the end of the seasons.

One place it won’t be split is in Hip Hop.  New York is after all, the birthplace of Hip Hop.  Home to many Record Labels, Recording Studios, celebrities and many other things that draw people to the city.

And what do we have here in Philly; cheese steaks, pretzels, the Liberty Bell and Ben Franklin.  Not much to bring people in. But we’re not comparing tourism here, this is about music.

Rather than list who is from where, I’ll highlight a few Philly artist since that list is shorter.  Philly, let’s get our act together. We won’t ever be the leaders of the industry (prove me wrong) but we can represent a lot better than we are now.

A BIG thank you to John Madden

Not really a Hip Hop moment but definitely an icon worth thanking. John Madden announced his retirement today from broadcasting.  Madden gave us 12 years of coaching, 30 years of broadcasting and during those broadcasting years helped revolutionize both the greatest and the most successful football video game franchise of all time.

If you get G4tv and are a fan of the Madden series, keep watching the listings. I’m sure they will be airing Game Makers: John Madden NFL Football soon because of his announcement.