Iron Will Plan 2012 (2011 Do-over)

Due to some injuries I had during 2011, the tasks for the year were not complete. Given that, I am doing a do-over for the year.

The Iron Will plan is very simple. Each month there is a different test of will power. This year the theme is physical fitness. Each month I will explore a way of measuring physical fitness, then try to improve upon it within the month.

This is not an exercise plan nor am I a fitness expert! Of course there will be physical improvement as a result of performing certain exercise but in no way should this be assumed to be an organized, structured, sanctioned fitness routine.

My plan is structured as follows to fit the events in my life. Of course if you want to try it, you can modify and substitute anything you see. Just make sure they are things you believe you can actually do.

  • January – Sit Ups/Crunches. – Crunches are a great way to test your core muscles. Using this chart as a guide, I will asses my level of fitness in this area.
  • February – Flexibility. Nothing tests flexibility other than the good old sit and reach. This classic from elementary school is pretty much the standard way I know of to see just how flexible you are.
  • March – Pull Ups. The ones you do not the ones you wear. Testing arm strength has never been more dreaded than with this test.
  • April – Speed. I won’t become the Flash but since I’m a runner, I would like to improve my foot speed. There aren’t any standard benchmarks for this test so I will be using my own times from runs in an attempt to improve them.
  • May – Swimming. There are many distances used here. I’ve decided on the 100M (2 laps) test since the distance is short enough that most people can do it.
  • June – Balance. Many tasks and exercise require or benefit from better balance. Using this simple one-legged standing test should serve nicely as a gauge.
  • July – Agility. Now that the foundations of this test has been tested, it’s time to put them all together for the Illinois Agility Test.
  • August – Distance. Almost the same deal here as in speed. There aren’t any standard benchmarks for this test so I will be using my own times from runs in an attempt to improve them.
  • September – BMI. Not really a form of fitness but definitely a huge factor that affects it. This month we will focus on size and not quantity.
  • October – Vertical Jump. To be like Mike, you have to jump like him. This test is all about explosive power.
  • November – Squats. After jumping around for a bit it’s time to stay stationary and see how well we can do some squats.
  • December – Push Ups. Time to end the year with a good old tried and true traditional punishment fitness test (among men that is).

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