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Surviving a weekend with friends

To a great weekend! Nothing like a nice relaxing weekend away with friends at the shore. That is unless you just decided to become a vegan for the month.

After the initial shock, questions and pressure to give in we got a food plan together.  The ladies of the house were willing to read labels for me and pick out the proper foods.  I was impressed.  Thanks ladies.  We were able to eat most of our meals in the house and no one suffered.  They ate what they wanted and I, well ate what I could.

I do have to say that during this trip I had the absolute worse thing I’ve ever had.  Vegan or not.  It was called a Chik’N meatless patty.  I’ve had my share of chicken patties in my day and this was horrid.  Even drowned in some hot sauce, they still maintained their terrible flavor.  I’ll never eat them again.

My next surprise/challenge came on Sunday.  It was opening day for football so we went to Hooters to see as many games as we could.  Sticking to my rigid vegan values, I passed on everything on the menu except for a salad with no cheese.  After some confusion about being out of salad, (I can’t see this as a popular item at Hooters) I settle back and enjoyed a few beers.

The trip back home wasn’t too glorious either.  After passing about 25 or so Hardies we decided to stop in. Again, salad with no cheese.  Thankfully I had some cashews and animal crackers to hold me over.

It was a fun trip and a lot of lessons learned by everyone.  Had I known this trip would happen I probably wouldn’t have schedule this challenge for this month but I did want it to be difficult.

Water water everywhere

Please leave only your footprints Well, this post isn’t really about drinking water directly but if you go to the shore and get in it, you just may swallow some!  A story about the cleanliness of New Jersey beaches surfaced a few weeks back and it’s not pretty.

According to the article, among the things found on the beach were; “toilet seats, a pregnancy test (result unclear), bags of pet waste, an 8-track tape, half a Barbie doll, a tube of denture cement, a jockstrap and fake breasts.” Can’t say it making me want to go to a New Jersey beach this summer but the folks at  Clean Ocean Action want to make sure my thoughts don’t happen.

This season make sure it’s only sand that you are stepping on and of course like the picture says, use the trashcan!

Not just for drinking

Sahara Sam'sMostly this month I’ve been focusing on the drinking aspect of water but it has more uses than that. This past weekend, the sun was shining and it was the first day of spring.

With that in mind, I took my two young nieces to an indoor water park in New Jersey. Who knew Jersey was good for something other than cheap gas, beaches and bad Italian stereotyped TV shows.

So we found ourselves at Sahara Sam’s in Berlin. Not a bad place to spend the day indoors with water. Plenty of activities for kids but of course you have to keep an eye on them. This isn’t like Chuck E Cheese where they can just run around unsupervised. They can seriously hurt themselves or worse and there isn’t a watcher at the door to verify you leave with the people you came with. There are plenty of lifeguards on duty and staff walking around should a problem arise.

There is also Coco Key in Mount Laurel, NJ if you want to make it an overnight trip. An overnight stay will get you a two day access to their park. The attractions are almost identical so the choice between the two can be decided based on price and proximity rather than the contents.

All week it will be rainy and what better time to start that Spring Cleaning than now when the weather outside is wet. No need to waste a beautiful day outside cleaning inside. Use water to clean, fees the plants and cool down after all the hard work.