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A Wash

Hard_Rain April was full of showers, of hurdles that is. So many things went wrong that the month was just as the title says. I had business travel, vacation, sickness, injury and a death in the family all in one month. That’s a lot for only 30 days.

Basically there was little to no speed work done. What’s more, the injury I suffered, a broken toe, kept me from participating in my yearly activity The Broad Street Run.

That’s in the past now. Time to focus on the new challenge; swimming. This is going to take so focus and dedication.  I’ll need to not only learn to swim but do it well enough to swim 2 laps in the pool. We shall see how I do in the coming weeks.

Book Deal

I was talking to someone today about the Iron Will Year and what it’s about and they asked me if I was planning to write a book about it. Of course I laughed at the tough. There are plenty of self-help and diet books clogging up store and library shelves. There’s no need for me to create something else of no value. 

Besides, this isn’t about making money, it’s about changing lifestyles. Mainly mine but if others want to feel inspired by me by all means I don’t need to receive payment for it.

Gone Till November


Looks like I did it again, another month and no updates! Sorry about that.  There really wasn’t much to update about.  Eating organic wasn’t as tough as I thought it would be. Everything was pretty much more expensive that its non-organic counter part. I shopped in markets I usually don’t like Whole Foods.

I pretty much ate at home most of the time. And thanks to my first time ever built-in cheat, I was able to eat out and still remain social. The built-in cheat got me a lot of grief all month but I didn’t want to remain a shut in all month so it was worth it.

This month however I do plan on being a little bit of a shut in since I have no choice.  Eating out just isn’t an option.  I do have a business trip planned but there’s no way around it, I’ll have to eat out.  It’s a little hard to cook in a hotel room.