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Summer Jam

No not the music festival in Northern New Jersey, I’m talking about songs of the summer.  Not that it’s the official summer (Memorial Day being the unofficial starting day but the official start of Reggae Season) and the songs have already started. Here in the Philly area we get one song over and over and over and over and over and overÂ… year after year all summer long:

It’s a good song but I’ve heard it way too many times.  I always what happened to Doug E Fresh’s song Summertime which was out before The Fresh Prince’s.

Of course there are other summer songs:

So I want to put the challenge out to all of the wanna be, aspiring, established and veteran rappers; Come up with a good summer time song that would replace and retire this song once and for all!  I’ll even add bonus points if you are from the Philly area.

NOTE: This is not a promise to compensate you for the song should you create such a song.  I’m just sick of hearing The Fresh Prince every summer.