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Silenced Mics – Donna Summer, Brian Carter, Adam Yauch (MCA)

I wanted to do a piece on each of these people individually but I thought it best to group them together because they all have something in common; a huge impact on a small group of people. Of course "small" in some cases is relative.

Donna SummerShe may have been born before many of you reading this and her popularity came at the tail end of her musical genera’s tenure but her impact is still there. Though you’ll hear many people proclaim that disco is dead, Donna’s music from that era is timeless. Last Dance is played in skating rinks the world over, Hot Stuff continues to appear in music sound tracks while Love to Love You Baby and I Feel Love have been sampled by many award winning artist. Being an award winning artist herself this is no surprise. Donna’s music will forever be sampled and covered for the long foreseeable future and her voice will never be silenced.

Brian Carter
If you grew up within broadcast range of the Philadelphia area in the early to late 90’s you no doubt know of the Carter and Sanborn show. It was one of those shows that if you didn’t listen to it then you listened with someone that you knew.  The dual dominated the morning airwaves on Power 99 and then later on WDAS FM. Memorable characters such as Horace the Taurus with whom you could set your watch to and Lunchmeat Mumford we always good for a laugh. I remember my own interaction with them was a campaign they had to encourage Michael Jackson to come to Philly on his tour. They encouraged people in the area to write letters to show support. Even though we were too young to go, my teacher got us to pull out our green slips of paper and write a note to Michael every day for a week. He never came but it felt good even at that age to be part of something bigger than ourselves.

Adam Yauch
If you don’t know the Beastie Boys then you don’t know Hip Hop. And if you don’t know their contribution then you don’t know your history. They were one of the first acts signed to Def Jam Records. They were one of the first successful white hip hop acts. They are one of the longest groups to be in  hip hop that are still performing. As for MCA himself, if you didn’t follow the group closely then you wouldn’t know about his activism for LBGT rights or the free Tibet movement and his interest in film production.

MCA and the Beastie Boys opened up the opportunity  to have a broader crossover audience back when hip hop was in its infancy. Without this audience, hip hop could’ve not progressed so rapidly as an art form.