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On the road again, actually it’s a Street

Just signed up for the Broad Street Run here in Philly. Registration just opened on Saturday and already it’s half full!

I know it’s early to talk about speed but this will be the event to test my speed.  I’ve participated many times before and never really went for speed but this time I will be.  My goal is to come in under 1:30.  The shortest time I’ve had is 1:48:48 so I have a ways to go but I also have the time to do it.  Here’s wishing me luck in a few months!

What I Miss

Just a list of the foods I miss this month…

Tempation everywhere

I just finished trip to the Philadelphia Flower Show. It was the first time I have ever been so I wwas hoping for a treat.

Just before you enter the show floor, you are greeted with a wine tasting. Had I not the will of iron i would have fallen for such trickery fallen victim to the sweet juices of the grape.

I prettended not to see it and marched on to the flowers. I’ll keep it in mind for next year and plan a little better should I choose to do food again next year.

Lesson learned: know you plans before you make big commitments. In this case it wasn’t a major thing but you never know.

Soda Tax hard to swallow

FYI, Mayor Nutter is proposing a tax on soft drinks in within the city limits. The tax would be $.02 an ounce on top of the current price. An 8 oz can of soda would be $1.07, a two-liter bottle of soda would be $1.36, and the tax on a 12-pack of soda would be $2.88.  In many cases, the tax will be more than the retail cost of the products.

Of course this is meant to be a form of income for the city but there is also the other "benefit" being pushed as the real reason; to get people to become healthier by drinking less sugary drinks.  As if people will drink less soda because the cost increased. 

I have news for you mayor, the price of soda already increased without a tax and it didn’t stop people.  A can of soda used to be $.50 and now it’s $.80 – $1 in some places and people still drink it.  They thought the same thing about cigarettes yet people (teens included) still smoke. 

If this passes, not buying drinks in Philly will hurt local businesses as well as their suppliers.  No word yet on how this would affect fountain soda or bars but I’m sure if the price of liquor goes up because of soda some people will be upset.

I seem to remember tax on crazy things like playing cards, stamps and tea a few hundred years ago.  There’s a river near by that they just started dredging.  Don’t get any ideas from me but I’m just saying.