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Better late than never

The flexibility assessment when as I thought; I still can’t touch my toes.  Improving ones flexibility can’t be done in one month alone.  It takes a few to get the muscle fibers limber enough to see a large improvement.

Now on to this months activity, Pull Ups. Apparently I’m terrible. I can only manage 1 pull up. Thankfully I’m better than Pyle.


To train for this I will be utilizing the 20 Pull-up Challenge workout. I’m not sure how well it will work but we will definitely see.

Let’s Get Physical

No, no my will hasn’t given out at the end of the year.  I’ve been busy working on next years plan and I’m sure you didn’t want to hear me complain about not eating meat again for another month.

Next year I switch things up a bit and focusing on improving the body with physical influences.  I will attempt to improve my fitness level in the most common areas measured. Each month will begin and end with an assessment of where I am to see if there has been any improvement.  Also at the beginning and end of the year, I will be doing a full assessment to see how I have changed throughout the year.

New this year will be videos, pictures and maybe audio at various times.  No one really wants to watch me eat but since this is now a physically challenge, the results can been seen. I will now let you in a little further to see just how my will is tested.

If you’d like to join me this year be my guess.  Encourage others to join you, to encourage you or to try it for themselves.  See you in January for the assessment.

The Disney Experience

I’m back from Disney.  If there’s one thing they know how to do right other than entertain kids it’s food.  I can’t recall a character that is a chef but someone there knows their way around a kitchen.

Being away from home at a conference I had no choice but to eat what they gave me. Disney knows the things to feed you to keep you happy. I know, I know, I probably should’ve exercised more restraint but I was away and you don’t get the Disney treatment very often.

Now that I’m back I need to stock my shelves again and get back to the grind of eating from home. Next week I plan on cracking open a few cookbooks and trying out some recipes that I’ve been meaning to try.

My nieces will be stopping by this weekend so they will be in for a culinary treat they don’t usually get when visiting. I don’t know what it will be but I’ll be cooking up something special.

Reflection on No Water

Looking back on the month of Only Water as a beverage it was a success.  I didn’t break though I was tempted many times and wanted to drink something with a flavor so many times. My restaurant tabs were definitely smaller and easy to figure out when dinning out with a group.

I must say that I didn’t lose much weight by cutting out the sugars and other ingredients included in beverages.  I’m sure my digestive system is working a bit more efficient without having to process them also.

Many times I found myself eating something just to get the flavor in my mouth I used to get with drinking something sweet.  Maybe that made up for the difference in calories.

Since I often drink water while at work, daytime wasn’t so bad.  Night however was an issue because I found that drinks often compliment the flavors of a meal nicely.

At any rate, I did it!!! 

Oh and the picture is the first flavored drink I had aptly names Blue Goodness from Bolthouse Farms.  If you haven’t tried their drinks, I suggest you do.  They are well worth the price in flavor and nutrition.

First day reflection

After not eating bread for a month I decided I wanted a burger.  I’ve been craving a good one all month and just eating it without the bun wasn’t cutting it.  Wendy’s had a new Bacon & Blue Hamburger promotion going on so I figured I’d give it a shot.  I was good and got a bottle of water seeing as how I didn’t want to fail my first day.

I sat down and took a couple bites. It wasn’t very tasty and my satisfaction was crushed.  I reached over for some liquid refreshment to quell the flavor and only saw the water. I sighed, took a swig and  realized that having a flavored drink to go along with it it would have probably helped the taste.

It’s going to be a long month!