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Year In Review

It’s been a long food restricting year. Many lessons have been learned and many respects have been gained. Most recently, I’ve learned that eating out at many places as a vegetarian is very difficult. Evan more so if you are a vegan.

Many times throughout the year, I’ve experienced more peer-pressures than I can remember as a teen; the pressure to drink, the pressure to eat meat and the pressure of just doing something different than others. Many people go through them sometimes everyday but I’m figuring that I’ve it gotten so bad because I actually made a change in my life that people didn’t expect. Things such as going to lunch or dinner suddenly becomes a chore due to dietary restrictions.

Aside from the complaining (there was a lot of it from many people, myself included), I learned to have a better appreciation for food.  Many time, I’ll put it into my mouth without really thinking what’s in it or how it’s made.

I’ll be making a few changes in my diet next year because of what I’ve learned.  I’ve had the chance to taste some things I wouldn’t normally had I not been forced to such as spinach enchiladas and falafel stew.

Next years plans have already been disclosed and I’m very excited to get started.  Typically I train just to run but this will be a full body experience unlike anything I’ve ever done before.

One last note, now that I am no longer a vegetarian, my very first meal was chicken kabobs at 12:01 am!

The Disney Experience

I’m back from Disney.  If there’s one thing they know how to do right other than entertain kids it’s food.  I can’t recall a character that is a chef but someone there knows their way around a kitchen.

Being away from home at a conference I had no choice but to eat what they gave me. Disney knows the things to feed you to keep you happy. I know, I know, I probably should’ve exercised more restraint but I was away and you don’t get the Disney treatment very often.

Now that I’m back I need to stock my shelves again and get back to the grind of eating from home. Next week I plan on cracking open a few cookbooks and trying out some recipes that I’ve been meaning to try.

My nieces will be stopping by this weekend so they will be in for a culinary treat they don’t usually get when visiting. I don’t know what it will be but I’ll be cooking up something special.

Thoughts on Veganism

Let’s face facts, animals are tasty (in case you’ve never tried one) and they smell good when cooked (a fact you can’t deny even if you haven’t had one)! It’s a historically proven fact.

But veganism isn’t about taste, it’s about impact. Or rather lessening impact. They believe that abuse our relationship with animals through exploitation, consumption and experimentation.  During this month, I didn’t take on the full philosophy of a vegan but I did eat like one.  I learned three things by doing so; First is that it’s very hard to live this way. Second, it takes a lot of planning.  And third, a lot of vegans are very judgmental. A good example of this is in the documentary Super Size Me.  Morgan’s girlfriend Alex’s feelings echo a lot of vegans thoughts. It was something subtle that was missed because of the subject of the movie:



That much aside, I can’t say this would be something I’d do full time. Much for the reasons Morgan stated in the second video.

Most importantly from this, I learned that I should better plan my meals.  Vegans can’t go out and just pick something to eat like most of us.  They need to do a little prior to putting food into their mouths or plan what, when and where they are going to it.  It feels very lonely and isolating to be this way.  But I guess if you are around other like minded people it becomes more comforting.

What I Miss

Just a list of the foods I miss this month…

Surviving a weekend with friends

To a great weekend! Nothing like a nice relaxing weekend away with friends at the shore. That is unless you just decided to become a vegan for the month.

After the initial shock, questions and pressure to give in we got a food plan together.  The ladies of the house were willing to read labels for me and pick out the proper foods.  I was impressed.  Thanks ladies.  We were able to eat most of our meals in the house and no one suffered.  They ate what they wanted and I, well ate what I could.

I do have to say that during this trip I had the absolute worse thing I’ve ever had.  Vegan or not.  It was called a Chik’N meatless patty.  I’ve had my share of chicken patties in my day and this was horrid.  Even drowned in some hot sauce, they still maintained their terrible flavor.  I’ll never eat them again.

My next surprise/challenge came on Sunday.  It was opening day for football so we went to Hooters to see as many games as we could.  Sticking to my rigid vegan values, I passed on everything on the menu except for a salad with no cheese.  After some confusion about being out of salad, (I can’t see this as a popular item at Hooters) I settle back and enjoyed a few beers.

The trip back home wasn’t too glorious either.  After passing about 25 or so Hardies we decided to stop in. Again, salad with no cheese.  Thankfully I had some cashews and animal crackers to hold me over.

It was a fun trip and a lot of lessons learned by everyone.  Had I known this trip would happen I probably wouldn’t have schedule this challenge for this month but I did want it to be difficult.

Almost a whole month and no updates

Oh my how time flies. It’s been almost 3 weeks and no posts!!! We’ll let me bring you up to speed before we jump into the next month. Not eating red meat isn’t as difficult as I thought it would be.

  • I’m staying away from fast food which is mostly red meat based.
  • A hot breakfast just isn’t the same without bacon.
  • I don’t care what anyone says, chicken isn’t a pizza topping.
  • Chinese buffets are a great source of alternative food to red meat.
  • American restaurants are nothing but red meat: burgers, dogs, pizza, steaks, pork something.

It’s a pain having to be choosy but it’ doable.