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The Will is Iron but the Body is Bone

Actually it was my toe
Actually it was my toe

Oh my where to begin. Let’s start with the foot. I broke my toe back in May and that totally threw this year off. I couldn’t do any of the physical activities I’ve become used to. I’ve lost 3 months of activity.

I got the go ahead to start again at the beginning of July and its been a rough climb back ever since.  This will be a true test of will power, the come back! Stay tuned.

You need your vitamins

You may not know it or not buy you drink most of your vitamins and nutrients.  Yes, even that soda you are drinking has them in it.  So how do I keep up on my vitamins while only drinking water?  Well, first I take a supplement from GNC’s Mega Men Vitapak Program to help nourish my body for running.

Second, I employ a very over looked resource that many people trust.  What is it you may ask?   Flintstone Vitamins. They’re safe for kids so you know they’re not going to be full of impurities.  They’re chewable and they have a good flavor. 

The combination of the two more than make up for the lack of vitamins from fluids.  Of course there are probably better things to take, but what’s the fun it that?